The fees for the services I offer are as follows:

Introductory video consultationFree
First session$250.00/hr
Recurring sessions$200.00/hr

You can visit the Good Faith Estimates page to estimate your total out-of-pocket costs if you receive individual psychotherapy or couples counseling services from me.

Disclaimer: I do not directly accept any insurance plans and you will incur your full service fee after each session. However, you may be able to receive reimbursements from your insurance provider. You can read my out-of-network benefits guide to learn more about how to do so: https://shaysavilla.com/out-of-network-benefits/

Scheduling Frequency

I understand the importance of commitment for psychotherapy to be effective and valuable. As a result, I require you to book at least one appointment per week because:

  1. Research shows that clients who go to psychotherapy on a weekly basis or more frequently make significantly more progress compared to those who go to psychotherapy on an infrequent or sporadic basis.
  2. From past experiences, I observed that my clients did not reach desired psychotherapy goals and experienced adverse effects when they switched to infrequent scheduling.  
  3. Psychotherapy modalities I utilize for individual and couples therapy highly recommend weekly or more frequent scheduling to ensure that my clients meet their goals and improve their mental well-being.

Accordingly, I am unfortunately unable to accommodate infrequent scheduling requests (e.g., biweekly, as needed).

I will reserve a specific time slot for you on my calendar and I will hold this spot for you until you and I mutually decide to terminate psychotherapy. Although I understand the need to skip some weeks due to various reasons (business, vacations, illness, etc.), I may decide to invalidate the reserved status of your time slot on may calendar if I notice an excessive skipping pattern and make your time slot available to other prospective clients. If you do not schedule any appointments for 3 consecutive weeks unless other arrangements have been made in advance or if you no-show in back-to-back weeks, I will consider that the clinical relationship between you and me is discontinued due to legal and ethical reasons.


I do not have a direct phone or email access with my clients unless sharing therapeutic exercises between sessions that were mutually agreed upon during a prior session. All other communication is handled by my assistant. If you have any additional communication needs or non-clinical inquiries (e.g., billing, rescheduling) please e-mail [email protected]. Please do not attempt to initiate direct communication with me in between sessions as this can compromise our therapeutic process.


I am able to provide correspondence (e.g., formal letters, legal paperwork, meeting participation, court participation), if we deem it clinically fit and appropriate. I hold a strict correspondence policy. Each correspondence document or paperwork will accrue a $200.00 per hour fee. In addition, I require my clients to have an established relationship (minimum 12 weekly appointments) with me before agreeing to provide any correspondence. Please email my office at [email protected] to request correspondence.

Missed Appointments

I hold a strict cancellation policy to ensure the quality of the services I provide. I enforce a $200.00 missed appointment fee for any no-shows or cancelled appointments unless you provide a 72 hour notice. You may be able to avoid missed appointment fees if you are able to reschedule your appointment to another time within the same week granted I have availability. However, although I am committed to accommodating rescheduling requests to my best ability, I cannot guarantee accommodation. If I do not have any preferable openings, you will still be liable for the missed appointment fee.

A credit or debit card as the default payment method is required on file at all times. Missed appointment fees will be automatically charged to your payment method on file.

If you need to miss a session, please email my office at [email protected]. I will not be able to process any cancellation requests that are made through other communication channels.

Missing Payments

My office reserves the right to cancel any upcoming appointment unless a client pays their outstanding balance in full.


All transactions at my office are non-refundable.

Insurance Benefits and Claims Processing

You will be responsible for your out-of-pocket costs. My office is able to provide you superbills as a courtesy if you would like to use your out-of-network benefits. Although we will provide you a superbill, we caution that it is not a guarantee of payment and we are unable to engage with your insurance company. At times, you insurance may deny claims. When this occurs, my office will not be able to assist you and you should contact your insurance company directly.

Notice of Privacy Practices 

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